The Secret Bond Between Boys and Moms and Why it Matters

Mom and sonFrom the moment they first meet in the delivery room, boys and moms have a special bond. Sure, moms have bonds with their daughters as well, but there is something special between boys and moms. From the very beginning, boys look to their moms for a sense of achievement. When they first stand up, they turn to Mom to see if she’s watching. When they learn a new skill, they always look to Mom for that knowing look of pride. While boys may turn to their dads to learn about tools and trucks and sports, they turn to their moms for the emotional support and affection that only a mom can give. Even as boys turn into teenagers, they need their moms. Here are a few ways that the connection between boys and moms is even more important now than ever.

Teenage Boys Need Their Mom to Talk To

When they have a hard day, have girl trouble, or even just want to vent about an annoying teacher, boys need someone to talk to. Moms are a great choice because they can provide an unbiased opinion and some life experience on the subject on hand. However, because of the special bond between boys and moms, these should not be the only things discussed. Moms should also take the opportunity to discuss the risks of certain behaviors (like drugs, unprotected sex, smoking, etc.). Even if teenage boys hear the same thing from teachers or other adults, it will mean more coming from their mom, thanks to their special connection.

Teenage Boys Need Support from Their Mom

It started when they were learning to walk, and it hasn’t stopped: Boys look to their moms for approval and support. Teenagers may not always do exactly what their parents want them to, but as long as it’s not causing them or others harm, the mom should support their choices. If teenage boys want to pursue a hobby that the mom disagrees with, or wants to dress in a way that the mom would advise against, it is important for the mom to realize that these are the little battles. It is the mom’s job to support the son’s choices so that he will continue to turn to her every step of the way.

Teenage Boys Need Their Mom to Be a Role Model

When teenage boys are really looking for guidance, they turn to their mothers. But it’s not about what they say; it’s about what they do. Moms have more power than they may realize by simply acting how they want their teenage boys to act. If moms want their boys to be polite, they must be polite first. If they want their teenage boys to treat others with kindness and follow The Golden Rule, they must do so first. Boys will look to their mothers whether they want them to or not, so it is important that moms are also conscious that they are setting the best example.

Teenage Boys Need Their Mom to Provide a Place of No Judgment

One thing all teenage boys need is a confidant. Someone to go to when they just need someone to listen. For many teenage boys, this can very well be their mom. But, the relationship between boys and moms must be fostered from the very beginning to make this a reality come the teenage years. If this goal can be achieved, it will be a rewarding experience for both the boys and moms.

Teenage Boys Need Unconditional Love from Their Mom

Above all, the bond between boys and moms is about unconditional love. Boys know that no matter how bad they screw up or what poor choice they make, their mom will be there with open arms. They may not be happy, but they will still love their boys with everything that is in them. That is a bond that can never be broken.

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