Military School, Boot Camp, and Other Options for Troubled Teenagers

Troubled teen with his momWhile a certain amount of teenage rebellion is normal, if you feel like your boy has taken things too far, it may be time to seek help for parents with troubled teenagers. Dealing with troubled teenagers is not easy, and you have undoubtedly given it your all. It is important to remember that you do not need to feel guilty or helpless in the search to get your son the guidance he needs to take control of his life. Here are some of the most popular options for dealing with troubled teenagers.

Send Him to Military School

Few things can whip your boy into shape faster than a military school. Military schools for troubled teens are such a great option because your boy will have no choice other than to follow the rules. He will learn discipline, self-respect, and the skills he needs to lead a successful life. If you are of the Christian faith, a Christian military school for troubled teens is an even better option because your son will get the benefits of a military school backed by your strong Christian values. Military schools for troubled teens are a wise choice because they allow your son to completely disengage from all of the temptations and associations that have led him to where he is today. Instead, he will be able to focus strictly on changing his ways. It may be hard for you to send him away, but when he returns to you a changed man, the sacrifice will be worth it.

Change His School

If you don’t like the idea of sending your boy away to a military school for troubled teens, you can always put him in one of the alternative schools for troubled teens. These are just like a regular public school in the fact that your son will go to it during the day and then he will come home to you in the evenings. However, the school will have teachers and counselors that are specifically trained in dealing with troubled teenagers to help your son be successful in the public school setting.

Make Him Sweat

If you want your son to understand how serious you are about him shaping up, a boot camp for troubled teenagers may be just the ticket. He will experience first hand the intensity of a traditional military boot camp. He will go through the drills, the exhaustion, and the discipline that all new military recruits go through. This alone may be enough of a wake up call for him to turn his life around.

Leave it to Nature

Sometimes the serenity that comes along with being in nature will be the perfect remedy for your son. That’s where wilderness programs for troubled teens come in. Your son will get to experience everything nature has to offer. He will have time to get dirty, explore the world around him, and maybe even develop some new hobbies. Wilderness programs for troubled teens are run by people who know what they are doing. They have many years’ of experience in dealing with troubled teenagers, so they will be able to give your son the attention he needs to change. When he comes home from the wilderness program he should have a new sense of what it important and what he needs to do to alter the path of his life.

Get Him to Talk

Sometimes, all your teenage son needs is someone to talk to that is not associated with any other aspect of his life. Counseling for troubled teens can be very beneficial because it allows your son a safe place to talk. When he is able to get out his feelings and feel better in a way that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, the result is healthier for everyone involved.

The fact of the matter is that help for parents with troubled teenagers is not a one size fits all solution. Every boy is unique, and each one will respond to each of the aforementioned options differently. You know your boy better than anyone. Only you can choose which method (or methods) of help you think will be the most successful.


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