3 Tips to Help You Say Goodbye to Your Self Entitled Teen

Once your precious little boy becomes a teenager, it can seem like he transforms into a completely different breed of human being. He is only concerned about what you can do for him and what he can get out of it. If it seems like your self entitled teen is only concerned about himself, don’t worry, he is not the only teen with this condition.

The-world-revolves-around-me-itis is an inborn disease that can be seen in almost every teenager across the world. With today’s advances in technology and parents’ ever-expanding need to keep their kids happy, this condition is only magnified.  Your goal should be to raise a respectful teeanger who is not self entitled.

Young boy in bedroom using laptop and listening to MP3 playerFirst off, it is understandable that you want to give your teen everything, especially if you grew up with a lot to be desired. However, if you succumb to these wants, then you will be raising a teen that will not only act like a selfish brat today, but one that will be in for a very rude awakening when he enters adulthood. Luckily, it’s not too late to take action and transform your self centered teen into the loving, compassionate, hard-working human being you know he can be.


Talk It Out

As with all things with your self entitled teenager, you need to get the lines of communication open with your teen. He may realize the harm his selfish attitude is causing, but chances are, he really is only focused on how he feels and is not paying attention to what his actions are doing to others. The best way to fix this is to simply point it out. All people are born with a sense of empathy and compassion, and if he realizes he is actually hurting people’s feelings (especially yours!), he may be more cautious about what he says and does.

Make Him Work

The next step for your self centered teen to lose his sense of entitlement is to make him work for the things he has. Once he realizes that everything really isn’t just given to him, he will start to appreciate the things that are. Of course, as his parent, you have to provide his basic needs, like clothing, food, and a place to sleep, but there is no law that says you have to give him a cell phone or brand-name clothes. Allow him these items if he works to pay for them himself. If he wants a car, offer to pay for half, but require him to come up with the other half and pay for his own insurance. Even if he isn’t old enough to get an actual job, you can have him do chores around the house. The work ethic he learns from this will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, even when it comes to compassion. Give your self entitled teen as many opportunities as possible for him to help others instead of making things all about him. If he has siblings, you can make him do an anonymous good deed for each of his siblings (or you, for that matter) each week. If he gets recognition for it, it’s still all about him. It is also a wise idea to have him donate his time or things to those less fortunate. Volunteering can do wonders for your self centered teen to help him realize just how good he has it.

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