Why choose a Christian Military School for Your Troubled Teenager

Military School CadetIf you are dealing with a troubled teenage boy, it may seem like there is no solution that will work for your teen. If you are like many parents out there, you may have even tried different boarding schools or military schools for boys with no success. Even the schools that claim they can help any teen often fall short with their promises. The problem with other options is that they don’t provide an all-encompassing approach to teach your teen the skills he needs to have a successful life. They choose one angle and hope it will work. Have you considered a Christian military academy for your troubled teenage boy?

At Gateway Military Academy, we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we combine the strict discipline of a military academy with the focus on godly living and compassion that can be found in a Christian boarding school. By working with troubled teens in a strict but loving way, we are able to get through to boys in a way that no one can compete with. Even boys who have been kicked out of several other boarding schools because they were “uncontrollable” have found success at Gateway Military Academy. Here are a few of the reasons why:

We Focus on Goals

When teenagers don’t have anything to look forward to, it can be hard for them to take the steps needed to improve. However, by setting goals, the boys at our Christian military school are able to see what the future can hold for them, inspiring them to make changes.

We Teach Compassion

When teenage boys have a true understanding of the role that God plays in their life, they are able to realize how their actions really impact others. We treat each of our cadets with the compassion and respect that all human beings deserve. In return, our cadets learn how they are to treat others.

We Promote the Military Lifestyle

At our Christian military school, we focus on all of the positive attributes that the military can teach young, impressionable teen boys. For example, the high importance on organization, firm discipline, and intense physical fitness are all valuable tools to incorporate into reshaping your teenager into the man you know he can be. Being strict and setting clear boundaries is an important step in the reshaping of teen boys.

We Teach, Not Punish

So many boarding schools out there have harsh punishments if their cadets misbehave, such as rationing meals or physical abuse. Since we are focused on being Godlike in all ways, we do not punish our boys in these cruel and unnecessary ways. However, we do believe that consequences are an important part of learning, so we take action in a way that will teach a lesson. For example, if a boy acts out, he may get a privilege taken away, have extra military exercises or have extra chores he will be required to do.

In summary, a Christian military school, is the perfect choice for your out of control teen. It doesn’t matter how rebellious your boy is, we can work with him in a straightforward, yet compassionate, way to ensure that he reaches his full potential and has a successful life.


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