Boarding Schools for Boys

Teenagers Taking Drugs At HomeBoarding Schools for Boys

While the idea of a boarding schools for boys may be a bit scary, if you ask parents who chose this for their troubled teens, you will find that the great majority feel it was the best decision they could have made. This is not simply a “last resort,” a quality boarding school like Gateway Academy for Boys offers a full range of services that help troubled teens grow in Christ, gain a quality education, get the mentorship and therapy they need and find interests and focus that encourage them to grow in safe and healthy ways. Boarding schools for troubled boys especially Christian boarding schools pull boys away from negative influences in their lives and gives them a different perspective on life, often bringing out the best in them—and making life more peaceful for the entire family.

Boarding Schools Basics

As a Christian boarding school, the boys who attend live on campus at Gateway full-time. They live in dorms with other students of the same age, attend classes on-site, enjoy sports and other activities, spend time with mentors and counselors, work in vocational training and have time daily to grow in their Christian faith. After the boys have developed a routine and lived on-campus for a few months, monthly visits will begin where the parents and boys can spend time taking classes together and forging bonds that will last a lifetime.

For many boys, time spent at a Christian boarding school winds up being a highly positive experience and is looked back on fondly. Many testimonials from our former students and their parents show how boys have been pulled back from the brink of self-destruction and given a Godly focus—driving them to become happy, motivated young men.

A Quality Education

Choosing to utilize a boarding school for boys does not mean sacrificing when it comes to education. Gateway chooses to use only high quality curriculum and customizes the educational experience for each student. Our teachers know the curriculum and can help the students every step of the way. Since the class size is often much smaller than at a normal school, each boy often has more one-on-one time with the teacher than they would in a regular classroom. Today, with more and more educational options available online, boys can obtain a well-rounded education including both core classes and electives.

Since classes run year round, there is an opportunity for students who have fallen behind to catch up, and those who want to begin planning for the future to get ahead. When the boys are ready, they can prepare to take the SAT or ACT so they can try to gain admission to the college of their choice.


Participation in athletics is highly encouraged. We offer a number of opportunities to get involved and play sports. Even boys who are initially skeptical often find that they enjoy playing, because it builds a sense of comradery and teamwork with the other students—plus, sports are a lot of fun!

Vocation and Work/Farm Skills

Hard work is good for the soul. The Gateway Academy for Boys program includes both a basic training routine to keep the body in shape as well as work, farm and vocation skills time to teach our youth skills that will last them for a lifetime. Whether or not these boys choose to work in any of these areas, the skills are applicable in nearly any workplace they should choose to pursue in the future. These students will leave our school with highest work ethics imaginable—ready to take on higher education or the workforce.

Guidance with a Christian Focus

Some of the most important times spent at boarding schools will be those spent in counseling, mentorship and in personal study. All of these are done with a Christian focus. Whether the youth is a new Christian, has strayed from the flock or attends services at home, he will learn plenty he can apply to his day to day life.

Christian values are incorporated in every activity from sun up until sun down. However, some of the most motivational times spent at Gateway are our mission programs. We work on these both on-campus and off—often taking trips to exotic destinations where the boys can utilize the skills and lessons they have learned to help others. These mission activities are a life-changing experience for both the boys at Gateway and the citizens who are blessed by our Godly influence.

How a Boarding School Can Help Your Family

When a boy gets back on track through a boarding school and vocational rehabilitation program, the benefits extend far beyond just him; the benefits help your entire family. You will all come together and grow as a family when all members respect one another and reach their full potential.

When one member of your family is rebellious, disrespectful or angry, the negative energy can easily transfer to the entire family—making it harder for all members to grow in Christ, do well at work and school and treat one another with love and respect. For this reason, it is important to find a solution that resolves these problems completely. For many families, boarding schools (and the full program surrounding it) is the ideal way to get the family back on track and moving towards a calm, happy and Godly existence.

Instead of fighting through issues with your son alone, why not look into how boarding schools for boys can help your family? Today’s boarding schools are nothing like what you probably imagine. Gateway Academy for Boys, for instance, provides a quality education, athletics, travel opportunities, enrichment and a Christian focus that turns troubled teens into strong, capable young men. This is one decision that can improve life for your entire family today—and help build a young man who is ready to face the future too.

Gateway Academy for Boys

When you are dealing with a troubled teen, it may seem like there is no hope. At Gateway, we want to assure you, there is. Give us a call at 850-547-9011 or email us at to find out how we can help you and your family get through these trying times.


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  1. Thanks for your comment about how you should send your child to a boarding school if they need help being encouraged and gaining interest in certain academic and social things in their lives. I like how you said that these types of schools can help them get engaged in safe and healthy activities. My sister and her husband are thinking about sending their son to a good therapeutic school so that he can learn better social and academic skills and progress.

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