4 Tips to Help You Raise Confident Boys

When it comes to what traits you want your teenage boy to exude, self-confidence is likely at the top of your list. Of course you want your boy to feel good about himself, but more than that, a high self-worth is one of the biggest deterrents against peer pressure. Your confident boy understands who he is and what he represents, he doesn’t have to worry about what others will think of him. This will make him easily stand up for himself during times of temptation. He will not be the child who is being bullied at school. So clearly, teenage boys confidence is of the utmost importance. Besides boys body image, here are some tips to help you raise a confident child.

Let Him Express His Feelings

So often in today’s society, boys are taught that it is not okay for them to express how they feel. They are told to put up a strong and brave front and that they should never shed a tear. However, this belief is harmful to young men because it makes them think that who they really are as God’s creation, is not good enough, which can be detrimental to their self-esteem. Instead, make sure your boy knows that it is OK for him to cry if he feels sad or hurt. Teach him that The Bible says their is a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance  Ecclesiastes 3:4.

Demonstrate Trust

If your teen feels like you are micromanaging everything he does, he will never gain the confidence in himself to make the right choices. You have spent his entire life teaching him right from wrong and now you need to let him prove to you that he was listening. Of course, you still want to ask where he’s going and get to know his friends, but make sure to give him some freedom so that he gains the teen confidence he needs to choose correctly even when he is not at home. This also means respecting his privacy in your home and not stalking his phone or computer history.

Get Him to Talk

Another vital step in raising a confident teenage boy is to allow him to open up to you and talk about any issues or insecurities he is having. You might have some luck just trying to talk to him over dinner, but don’t count on it. Instead, you need to engage in any kind of activity that involves doing something with his hands. For some reason, when teenage boys are busy fishing or working on a car, they are more apt to engage in deep conversation. This is when your boy will talk about his real problems and you will be able to give the inspiring advice he needs to hear to boost his confidence.

Be Susceptible to Conversation

Oftentimes, teenage boys will start out with small talk before bringing up the bigger issues of their life. For this reason, it is imperative that you always make time to listen if your teen starts a conversation, even if it seems trivial to you. You never know when the serious issues are going to come up. Plus, this gives you the chance to provide positive reinforcement for the good choices your teen is making. He will sense the pride you have for him and continue to grow his own self-worth.

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