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23 November

Parenting Teenage Boys – How to Parent a Teeanger

Written by Marwan Hanania

Parenting Teenage Boys – How to Parent a Teeanger For all you discouraged, frustrated parents of teenagers out there, the goal of this article is to encourage you and equip you with insight that will help you face parenting your teenage boy. Teenage years come with difficulties and challenges for both the parent and the […]

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How Troubled Teens Programs can Help? Is your heart aching for your troubled teens, whom you once knew? You raised him with such love, care, discipline…and so much prayer. Why is it, you ask, that he has chosen a path of recklessness? Do you wonder how troubled teens programs can help your son? Your heart […]

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08 August

Role of Parents in Child Development

Written by Marwan Hanania

Role of Parents in Child Development Parenting—it may be a simple word, but it is not a simple undertaking. Any parent would agree. It is a long, involved journey. It is complex. Sometimes, it brings difficulties, confusion and pain…but often it brings richness, laughter and joy. The role of parents in our life is always […]

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Nine Ways to Manage Rebellious Boys Parents of rebellious boys, be encouraged. You are absolutely not alone. All parents who love their children share the same basic desires. They want their children to be healthy and they would like their children to have it a little bit easier than they did. Loving parents hope their […]

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18 March

Boarding Schools for Boys

Written by Marwan Hanania

Boarding Schools for Boys While the idea of a boarding schools for boys may be a bit scary, if you ask parents who chose this for their troubled teens, you will find that the great majority feel it was the best decision they could have made. This is not simply a “last resort,” a quality […]

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